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The Kubota M7060 utility tractor is one of the leading agricultural tractors on the market today. It has a high specification range and comes with a 71HP Kubota diesel engine, a robust hydraulic transmission system and modern hydraulic cylinders for 3307lbs of lifting power. The tractor is capable of a wide range of demanding tasks, is economical and highly profitable.

Since 2013, the M7060 has also been offered with air conditioning and a spacious, comfortable cab. Since 2017, the front hydraulics, air brake and ISO bus are not provided for this model. Take more detailed specs and machine details from the original Kubota M7060 datasheet. Free download of the data sheet in English in READING Specs.

Equipped with a powerful engine, this 2.8t four-wheel drive M7060 tractor can achieve 54.6kW or 73hp. This Kubota all-wheel drive tractor belongs to the smaller machine segment of all-wheel drive tractors. The dimensions of this model are 3.68m x 1.92m x 2.55m. This machine is equipped with a gear number of 18/18. 320 / 85R20 and Kubota front / rear tires respectively are provided for the M7060 Kubota four wheel drive tractor. The maximum driving speed of this 4×4 traction tractor is 40km / h. CRS electronically manages the timing and amount of fuel injected by offering high-pressure injections in stages. The total displacement of the engine is 3331CC.

Kubota M7060 HD in the backyard

The Kubota drivetrain system is robust and reliable, and has proven to be hugely popular over the years. It has a 12-speed F12 and R12 transmission system. The 12-speed transmission system provides progressive movement of the gears to increase skills as the driver moves through the 12 gears, both forward and reverse.

In addition, the Kubota hydraulic system offers high lifting capacity and the lifting gears are matched for the best performance. The hydraulic system is powerful and its external hydraulic cylinder improves lifting power and provides easier maintenance. The Kubota M7060 tractor’s hydraulic shuttle makes shifting between forward and reverse smooth and effortless.

The 71hp 4-cylinder Kubota M7060 tractor is equipped with a 6-speed synchromesh manual transmission.

The Kubota M7060 rear PTO is standard 540 / 540E or optional 540 / 540E / 1000/1000 ECO and the front PTO in this case is nil. Pulling and lifting with the hydraulic PTO makes your toughest job easier. Engaging auto-modulation with an electrical PTO switch means that implements, such as the rear mower, engage smoothly. The PTO brake engages when the clutch disengages and holds the PTO shaft firmly. The PTO clutch can be hydraulically engaged and disengaged on the go.

Kubota M7060 HDC12 in the field

The Kubota M7060 tractor weighs 2,725, has a maximum height of 2.58 and a width of 1.86. The M7060 fuel tank is 90.00 and the AdBlue tank is zero.

The M60 series also features Kubota’s proven bevel gear front axle, which allows for low maintenance turning radius and greater ground clearance compared to traditional U-joint front axles. Bevel gear front end provides increased maneuverability in all directions. The limited slip differential in the front and the differential lock in the rear are standard features, offering increased stability and traction in difficult terrain conditions.

The M7060 LA1154 loader is a two position loader that offers the choice of maximum lift height or maximum lift capacity. With the pin in the maximum lift height position, the LA1154 will lift 2,469 pounds to a height of 132.7. The dumping distance is 101.5 and the digging depth is 5.3. With the pin at the maximum lift capacity setting, the LA1154 will lift 2,928 pounds to a height of 117.2. The dumping distance is 85.5 and the digging depth is 4.4. The standard bucket size is 72 and the two-lever quick-hitch system allows easy switch to pallet forks or a bale lance.

The M60 Series Operator Station offers optimal comfort with a large-area rubber mat, wide seat, and ergonomic controls integrated into a console for a more refined finish. The M60 Series also has luxury features like a hydraulic shuttle and a fully synchronized main shift transmission that enables clutchless both forward and reverse direction changes and smooth shifting.

Kubota M7060 HD12 in the garden

Kubota M7060 variants

  • Kubota M7060 HF
  • Kubota M7060 HFC
  • Kubota M7060 HD
  • Kubota M7060 HDC
  • Kubota M7060 HD12
  • Kubota M7060 HDC12


This is my second Kubota and so far I am very happy with it. The quality of the tractor is very good but the accessories installed by the dealer are of very poor quality, but that’s the way the dealer is. It has a lot of good features but some are optional and it can raise the price quickly. I have the base model with 8 speeds and no cab which is just what I wanted at a great price. A friend bought one with all the features and spent a lot more. Mine will do everything yours will do except the cockpit. Power is good and fuel is efficient. Bush grabbing with an 8 burns 2 gallons per hour. I love using this tractor.

I love the slider throttle on the Kubota, conveniently located with right-hand access. It is very practical. The tractor drives and handles extremely well and the 4×4 is a tremendous improvement over my old tractor. The lift is powerful and easy to handle BUT be careful if you are inexperienced, things get ugly when lifting a heavy load. Go slow. The tractor has a lot of power and is generally very comfortable to operate. I also like the FEL’s compatibility with implements.

It is a good tractor with a closed cab. Has some minor issues with hydraulic couplers wearing out after very little use. Outdoor lighting is good, but it is susceptible to damage from small branches. It should be reinforced or protected. It’s fuel efficient, but the diesel particulate filter burning process is a bit of a hassle. Just add a DEF deposit.

Kubota M7060 HDC in parking
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