Kubota M7060 3 point hitch issues

kubota m7060 3 point hitch Problems

When I’m using my Kubota M7060 I experience a ratchet effect when I try to make small adjustments while handling my 3-point coupling. I can not use my tractor effectively with a blade because of this. I have tried it in all positions and nothing changes. The dealer recognized the problem and took it and changed all kinds of pieces but does exactly the same. He now tells me that it is the way they operate and there are nothing more than he can do to repair it. This is not my first Kubota tractor that I have and I have never experienced anything like this.

I hope someone can help me solve this problem.

It is likely that it has something to do with a pump problem.

The reason why it is soft down is that the hydraulic system is only relieving pressure.

When climbing, the pump applies pressure, apparently unequally in the case of its tractor. It is simply not correct.

Continue complaining to Kubota and up the stairs until you get satisfaction. Request a factory service representative to see the hydraulic functioning of your tractor. For some reason, his distributor seems to be dropping the ball.

Returning to the “up and down” factor. Try tightening the 3 pH download rate knob that is under the operator’s seat. Then try to loosen it. Try several positions.

Maybe the valve is working badly in some way and causing the problem. It is not too much to try anything else to eliminate a possibility.

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