Kubota M7060 bolt came out of the linkage

kubota m7060 loader console Problems

My M7060 is an open station with a high / low range 4 speed transmission.

The problem is that a bolt came out of the connection that connects the high / low range shifter with the connection to the transmission. There are 2 screws in that connection, 1 is gone and the other is loose. Now it’s stuck on low and I can’t switch to high-end.

The location of the connection, with the missing bolt, is under the transmission shift lever. I can see it from above but I can’t get to it from above. I can’t get to him from below either.

It’s a simple fix but I can’t get to it. What is the easiest way to get to that part?

It is a simple solution. You must remove part of the console and the joystick from the charger. The console is not in one piece so you only need to remove one part. So it can be easily accessed. Once this is done, the missing bolt would easily be replaced using Loctite on both bolts. It is not a difficult job at all. The hardest part is driving to the hardware store to get the replacement bolt.

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