Kubota M7060: buzzing/whining sound and hydraulic pressure

Kubota m7060 pressure reliev valve Problems

I received my new M7060 a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been using it all the time, mainly the backhoe. However, I needed to use the cutter, for the first time, so I went to exchange them. After separating the backhoe from the subchassis, I went to my cutter to connect it. I realized a noise that had not heard before and that came from the right side, next to the shift lever and control of the loader. It is a moan / buzzing.

When I tried to go down and upload the loading shovel, it had a lot of power when climbing, but lowers at a super slow speed, unless you push completely forward in flotation position. It almost seems that the hydraulic pump is still compensating for the backhoe that is connected and is pumping too strong or something like that. I tried to lower the loader with the tractor off and it worked correctly, which leads me to believe that it is a pressure problem in the hydraulic system and not one of the valves of the loader. I have already tried to disconnect the valves from the loading shovel and reconnect them as well.

You were hearing to the pressure relief valve, since it may be overheating your pump. You are supposed to connect the hose on the left with the blue cap to the male plug on the right. Even if you drove it about 400FT you did nodamage that is why they put a relief valve in the pump. If there is not a relief valve, the pump could explode.

When the oil passes over the relief valve it is heated. Any damage would be caused by overheating. You did not overheat the hydraulic oil in 10 minutes.

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