Kubota M7060 can’t disengage from 4 wheel drive

kubota m7060 4wd Problems

My 2 year old M7060 does not come out of traction 4×4. The lever seems to work well up to attach down to uncouple, but nothing happens when I try uncoupling. The green light of the 4 wheels is on and the front wheels remain in traction at 4 wheels. The lever does not seem to work.

If you read the owner’s manual, he says that the 4×4 light on the board does not always turn on immediately and that you may have to move the tractor a little to connect. Check it, I would not worry about that topic.

You should try the following solutions:

Sometimes it takes a while and a small distance to connect and turn on the icon on the board.

Sometimes it also has a delay in the change of 4WD to 2WD.

It seems that the tractor has to be moving, sometimes several feet, to get it connected or disconnected.

I guess you have turned the rear, you have thrown out of the lever and there is no 4WD turn of the strikers. Try to put the gear back and then put the front again.

On the other hand, it can be the switch – it does not seem to be a mechanical action when it is pulled the lever, but I do not know safely.

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