Kubota M7060 cold start issue

Kubota m7060 desel engine cold starting in winter Problems

I have a cold start problem with my Kubota M7060 tractor. When the weather drops to -12 degrees or more, my tractor will not start. Kubota has changed the glow plug switch now 8 times, but every time the time reaches -12 the tractor will not start and the glow plug shield will not light on the dash on the tractor. Is there anyone out there who can provide their experience with the same problem and how was it solved? Thanks in advance for all the responses.

We had a similar problem with ours a few years ago, but it would be difficult to start even at 40 degrees F. He ended up noticing a fuel line near the filter was starting to leak quite well so he replaced it. Now starts as advertised. This was when I was 3-4 years old so it could be the same problem if nothing has changed.

I would start changing the fuel lines. But even if it’s not under warranty, your dealership should take care of it, keep the customer happy.

You should be able to check the glow plugs to see the even get powered.

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