Kubota M7060 engine smoke problem

kubota m7060 engine smoke Problems

Looking for some ideas as to what might be wrong with it. The dealer will have to pick up after the weekend, but in the meantime any help would be appreciated.

You have 220 hours, no problems until today. I put it in gear and in the 10 minute warm-up at idle, the engine sounded a little different. Almost as if there is something extra working with a slightly higher pitch. It also had a slightly different scent.

It got hot as usual and when I put it in gear and then shifted the gear to Forward the extra sound disappeared but it made a sound like a truck’s air brakes just for a second – it doesn’t normally do this. I drove it out of the shed, and put it in Neutral and the same sound of air brakes. Normal temperature on the gauge.

I got out for a second, then it stalled and a bunch of white smoke billowed out of the rear of the engine compartment. When I opened the hood, the smoke had disappeared and I couldn’t tell where it had come from.

I have not tried to restart it. All fluids are at the proper levels, all service up to date.

Any advice is appreciated.

It seems that the problem is the starter motor. Apparently there is a service bulletin about the key switch sticking and burning the starter. You should get a new starter and the key switch installed.

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