Kubota M7060 HDC no power in 11th or 12th gear

kubota m7060 gearbox Problems

I bought a new 12 speed M7060HDC last week, it doesn’t have any power in 11th or 12th gear. It doesn’t even pull its own weight in 12th gear on a flat road & amp; it can barely do it in 11th gear. I put it in 12th gear going down a hill, but to get to the other side, I had to downshift all the way to 9th, doing 14mph. The dealer says that’s normal for a 12 speed. The only time I’ve ever had to downshift on this hill is pulling a hay trailer with eleven 5×6 round bales. Does anyone else have this problem with a 12 speed?

Thank you in advance for your help!

I guess your M7060 is suffering from the same problem as our 5065E’s mediocre performance (in the highest gears), because it’s not enough oomph. I bet the engine is planned for the tractor in the simple setting, without all the added weight. Once those weights are added, you are not performing as expected.

The problem with these tractors today is that they are using small motors in them and turning them up to get the horsepower, but they have little torque to go with them. The power curve drops dramatically as the RPM decreases.

For less power-demanding applications such as raking, I operate in the 1000 PTO position (I have a 540-1000 2-speed PTO) but lower the engine RPM to 540 PTP, which is below the boost point of engine torque, which is not a problem because I don’t require the torque like when using heavy-duty implements … and it also saves fuel and wear on the engine and transmission.

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