Kubota M7060 HD12 Jerking

Kubots m7060 shuttle linkage Problems

I have a Kubota M7060 and it is a year and a half. When you start it with the hydraulic shuttle in neutral and the 8×8 gearshift in neutral, the tractor starts jerking from side to side. you can even see it on the speedometer. Kubota has put it aside for more than a year. That he was doing it in the fifty-hour service. I told them to fix it and they had it all last week and did everything they know how to do externally to no avail. The truth is, I don’t want my new tractor to be ripped in half.

Do you have any good advice?

These steps are followed at any Kubota service station:

First they checked the inverter lift, the inverter modulator valve and mine read 43 psi and said it must be 36 psi. They adjusted it and now they say it should jerk. My tractor is the 8×8 transmission without the park, just a parking brake. The parking brake will prevent it from jerking but as soon as the brake is released it begins to jerk. can be seen on the speedometer .03-.01-.01-.03 etc.

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