Kubota M7060 HD loader issue

kubota m7060 loader linkage Problems

I had used my M7060 loader for the past two weeks to move 5×5 round bales of hay and everything seemed fine, however all it was doing was moving and stacking bales.

Today, while digging a hole to bury a dead calf, I realized that the loader was not working as it should. I had also done the same a couple of weeks ago when digging a hole, but I dismissed it as not being familiar with it.

When lifting a load of dirt it acts as if it does not want to lift it or it lifts very slowly regardless of the engine revolutions. The relief valve does not appear to open either. Another thing, with the bucket resting on the ground and I connect the dump, it does not have enough power to lift the front of the tractor. He tries but it is very very slow.

I have already checked that the correct color hoses matched where they were attached and also disconnected and reconnected the couplers at the valve and it had no effect.

Any ideas how to fix this?

I had a similar problem recently. It turned out that the controls / links for the FEL were not properly adjusted or installed and had shifted after other work was done on the tractor. I could max the revs and move the controls to the FEL and they worked SLOWLY. Lack of proper adjustment did not allow the FEL controls to fully open and close.

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