Kubota M7060 low loader pressure

kubota la11154 loader Problems

I have an M7060 with a LA11154 charger on the front.
It seems very weak the charger so I tried the pressure and it is around 1700ppsi that is below the specifications.How can I increase this?

Do I have to add wedges or is there an adjustment in the valve box?

This model, as well as other new models, have a dial pressure regulator up / down that does not need chocks.
It is at the top of the three points under the seat.
I think the adjustment is turned on the end inward to raise the pressure and outwards to lower it.It is just a cost / weight saving size / space / security (with the adjustable a second security valve is needed) so they do not put adjustable pressure regulators in all of them.

kubota m7060 loader releaf valve
kubota m7060 loader releaf valve
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