Kubota M7060 PTO engagement

kubota m7060 pto Problems

About two months ago I bought a new Kubota M7060 tractor with cab. My concern is the PTO which is supposed to be modulated. When I engage the PTO (for example, using a brush cutter), the equipment starts with a very hard knock.

Is there a way to adjust the PTO drive to “make it easier” to start the equipment?

On my M6040, the PTO starts smoothly. The tractor should be at or near idle and I slowly advance the PTO lever. It’s like starting in first gear with a manual transmission car. If the newer Kubotas have some form of electrical / vacuum coupling it can be a jolt situation. Your best bet, in that case, is just to start the PTO with the tractor idling. I don’t know of any way to “slip the clutch” in the case of an electric / vacuum coupling.

The parts diagram shows a PTO valve assembly on the left side of the transmission. There are different valves depending on your exact M7060 model (HDC or other). I would have the dealer intervene; it appears that the valve is not adjustable.

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