Kubota M7060 sputtering and die when pto engaged

kubota m7060 brush hogging Problems

I have the M7060 and it sizzles, loses power and shuts down when I engage the PTO to cut through brush with my landpride bushhog.This started to happen after I forgot to put the fuel cap on and mow the brush for a couple of hours.Both have only 58 hours of use.

To determine if it is a lack of power or a safety system that shuts down the engine, test with the PTO disconnected but engaged.If it turns out that it is not a fuel system restriction, measure the fuel pressure at the fuel filter inlet.There is a fuel supply pressure problem on those machines, I have been through this, Kubota is aware of it.

Can you help with this issue?

You may have dirt in the inlet fuel line. It is most likely at the water separator where the fuel line enters the top of the foundry. Next time, remember to put the fuel cap on.

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