Kubota M7060 stuck high range

Kubota M7060 transmission high low Problems

I have my Kubota M7040 4wd with a high/low range transmission. A couple of days later I went to get it started, pulled the gear shift into neutral, and it just rocked up with no resistance. The tractor is now stuck in the high range and the gear lever swings freely as if it had come loose inside the gearbox.

I can’t get the tractor to shift to the low end. It switches between high and neutral without problems. But the low end acts almost as if there is no low end to switch to. The clutch is almost new with only a few hours of use since it was replaced by the Kubota dealer.

Anyone ever happened something similar?

Shift linkage appears to be rusted and seized. I would lubricate it and maybe change the lever while moving a bit. Just like getting into or out of 4wd – a small movement allows the gears to mesh.

First take a close look at the lever and the shaft seal. Does the lever move the shaft? Sometimes the pin breaks and the lever moves, but the shaft does not.

In another case once inside, the problem was obvious. There is a rod about 3-4 “long that is welded to the end of the selector rod that goes through the side of the gearbox. This rod, which pushes the fork back and forth inside the gearbox It was broken. The rod was broken, not the solder. It seemed to be some kind of metal from the pot that maybe had a defect in it or something. Anyway, I had to drain all the liquid to get the broken rod back from the bottom. of the gearbox.

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